Infintum Electric

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From Infinitum’s website:

“Infinitum Electric was born in 2016 by founders with decades of experience and a deep understanding of how electrification will impact the world. Our mission is to disrupt the way electric machines consume and create electricity.

The company began as an application used to reclaim wasted energy from residential HVAC systems. In an effort to drastically reduce cost, we soon developed our first PCB stator and quickly realized the potential of this technology and the broad impact it could have across many applications. The sky’s the limit for this technology and this team and we look forward to exploiting our advantages with many customers around the world.

We are actively engaged with global industrial OEMs and motor manufacturers to deliver our technology and product for specific applications and market segments – starting in the HVAC industry and expanding from there. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about deploying our technology.”

Wiederaenders Law Firm has represented Infinitum from its earliest stages, through several rounds of convertible preferred stock financings, including its most recent $12.5 million Series B round.  Read more about Infinitum’s Series B round here.